Our Philosophy

(Actual patient of Chenin Orthodontic Group)

It is important to select an experienced orthodontist who not only straightens teeth, but also shares the patient's treatment philosophy/goal of developing an attractive face. "For each patient, our goal of orthodontic treatment is to help the patient gain self-confidence, and give them a brilliant smile... along the way, they become part of our family!"

It is common for Orthodontic treatments to result in life-changing experiences for both children patients as well as adult patients. Psychology studies, orthodontic research and dental literature indicate that the first item strangers look at when they meet someone is the other person's smile. Chenin Ortho Group is experienced in providing multi-disciplinary treatment plans. We work with cosmetic dentists, oral surgeons, dermatologists, prosthodontists, periodontists and other specialists in order to provide patients with the very best treatment outcomes.

What else can you achieve from orthodontic treatment besides a great smile?

  • Enhanced self-image
  • Higher self-confidence
  • Easier speaking and phonetics
  • Improved chewing, mastication and digestion
  • Correct harmful oral habits
  • Proper balance of lips and gums
  • Easier oral hygiene
  • Improves growth and development of facial structures
  • Reduced incidence of gum disease and cavities
  • Superior oral health

Scientific evidence behind treatment techniques selected by Chenin Ortho Group