Orthochip Press Release

On April 1st, 2014 Dr. David Chenin and his team at Chenin Orthodontics, fooled the entire global dental community with a press release and video about a new product called "InvisaChip."  The video and "InvisaChip" web page received almost 10,000 hits in 24 hours!!!!  The video went viral as it was sent among dentists and orthodontists around the world.  Chenin Orthodontics received inquiries from doctors in almost every country including Europe, Russia, Brazil, Israel, Canada, and China.  Interest from the financial community including venture capital and individual investors also occurred. In fact, the video was so convincing, sales representatives at many orthodontic companies were concerned about the new technology and how it would impact their sales.   

Within days of the release of the video, Chenin Orthodontics received official contact from the legal department of Align Technology (the makers of Invisalign) asking that the term "InvisaChip" not be used.   The concern was that the video was so realistic, consumers could be confused with "Invisalign" and "InvisaChip".  It was asserted that dozens of Invisalign employees were fooled by the video and emails were sent throughout the company to supervisors, legal, sales, marketing, and R&D; departments. Being a former Invisalign Employee, a long time member of Invisalign's Clinical Studies Network, and a close friend of Invisalign's CEO Tom Prescott, Dr. David Chenin happily agreed to rename the "InvisaChip" faux product to "OrthoChip" where it now resides on www.OrthoChip.net

Since the release, the "OrthoChip" video has been shown by leading industry experts and consultants in the dental community as an example of one of the most fun, convincing, and successful April Fool's pranks ever performed in dentistry or medicine.  Jeff Behan of Vision Trust  (www.VisionTrust.com) presented the video at the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) Annual Meeting in May of 2014 to thousands of national and international attendees explaining how marketing and practice branding should include out-of-the-box thinking such as this fun example used by Chenin Orthodontics. 

While the "OrthoChip" technology doesn't quite exist today, there's plenty of high-tech and comfortable ways to easily straighten your teeth at Chenin Orthodontics.  Drs. David and Stephen Chenin have been designated by Invisalign as premier preferred Elite Top 1% Invisalign Providers, which means they have more experience than 99% of doctors in North America!  Additionally, they have adopted wonderful techniques such as Acceledent and OrthoPulse to decrease treatment time by up to 50% and increase patient comfort!  Click here to read more about our doctors experience or click here to schedule an exam to improve your smile.




Special acknowledgement goes to: Oogoog Productions for their development of the "InvisaChip" and "OrthoChip" videos. (www.oogoog.com) 

Also,recognition to VisionTrust for website development, support, and coordination.  The video is available for your viewing pleasure at https://vimeo.com/128833400


About Chenin Orthodontics: Chenin Orthodontics was founded in 1978 by Dr. Stephen T. Chenin, DDS, a second-generation dental practitioner and graduate of the USC Orthodontic residency program. Dr. Chenin was joined by his son, Orthodontist David A. Chenin, DDS, MSD, in 2000. Chenin Orthodontics proudly serves patients from across the entire Las Vegas valley. The practice specializes in the Invisalign® System, with Dr. David Chenin having published the first clinical article on Invisalign in the Journal of the American Dental Association and co-authored a text book on the subject. Chenin Orthodontics excels in providing outstanding care by providing some of the most technologically advanced treatment devices in the practice of Orthodontics. Their office is located at 10730 S. Eastern Avenue in Henderson and can be reached via phone at 702-735-1010.