Chenin Change


At each visit, you can earn multiple tokens.*

You can earn 1 Chenin Change token for clean teeth and healthy gums.

If you have clean teeth, you can win additional Chenin Change for:

  • Arriving on time
  • Having no broken or loose appliances
  • Wearing your rubber bands or headgear as instructed
  • Wearing your official Chenin Orthodontic Group T-Shirt
  • Achieving academic and athletic excellence
  • Participating in community service 
  • Winning office contests
  • Having a signed certificate of Routine Dental Cleaning from your dentist

Click here to download a Certificate of Routine Dental Cleaning for your dentist to sign.

You can keep your Chenin Change in your complimentary Chenin Smile Bank. Chenin Change may be cashed in at any time. You can choose from small prizes with a few Chenin Change tokens, save up for bigger prizes, or ask about how to donate the value of your tokens to charity.

chenin_fun_logo.jpgThe Chenin Change program reinforces patients’ good oral health, rewards good students, encourages athletics and physical health and acknowledges leadership in the community.

*Chenin Change tokens are not given during unscheduled or comfort visit appointments.