OrthoPulse™ by BioLux

orthoPulse.jpgWe live in a fast-paced world where we want results quicker than ever before. That’s why we offer accelerated orthodontic treatment using OrthoPulse™. Created by Biolux, this device is designed to significantly shorten your treatment time in braces or clear aligners.

OrthoPulse uses low levels of light energy to stimulate the bone surrounding the roots of your teeth, which increases tooth movement. Not only is treatment faster, it’s also more comfortable. OrthoPulse can accelerate your tooth movement by 50%. Simply wear the device just 10 minutes a day! OrthoPulse is easy to use and there’s no need to change your daily schedule. Treatment can be completed at home or anywhere.

This revolutionary treatment is completely safe and clinically proven to provide optimum results. OrthoPulse is ideal for most patients, but may not be suitable for everyone. We will work with you individually to determine if you are a good candidate for accelerated orthodontics using OrthoPulse.

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